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Chapter: Consequences, All sorts messed up.

12.7.2023, 1:00

All sorts messed up.

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JAGIELSKI 12.7.2023, 1:00
So Jake DOES have some common sense, just not nearly enough to realize that both Irioth and Lemmy here are actually trying to help him.

No comic on Friday, by the way, as I have some family thing to attend to that I really can't get out of in time.

JAGIELSKI 15.7.2023, 19:27
Sorry, I simply can't draw in 33℃ heat. Comic on hiatus until the heat dies down. Will update you as a comment once I feel good enough to draw, so watch this space, please.

JAGIELSKI 20.7.2023, 20:25
Good news! You will be getting a new comic tomorrow! Fortunately the weather had chilled for a bit. Not sure how long it will last, but as far as the forecast goes, I think the next week is safe in terms of updates ;). Of course if the heat returns and I will not be able to think straight, I may return to hiatus, hopefully not though.

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