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Chapter: Consequences, So big

4.8.2023, 21:58

So big

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JAGIELSKI 4.8.2023, 21:58
I swear, the only reason it's not to scale in the first panel is because of the busted optics in the camera this perspective is from!

Out of universe, though, not really proud of how it turned out. Probably will fix that when I will be doing redrawings once I am done with the comic (all of the stories I want to tell are done), which probably won't happen for good few years. But yeah, it was either that, or spend next few weeks perfecting how it looks. At least it's still Friday (kinda)

Sometimes it's better to release something that's good enough than to spend years making something perfect that never comes out *cough* Hytale *cough* FOUNDRY *cough* Paralives.

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