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Chapter: DRAGONS?!, What this is really about

6.10.2021, 1:06

What this is really about

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JAGIELSKI 6.10.2021, 1:06
Okay, let me level with you here guys: I was late again. And because of that I had to leave some empty space. Yuck. Not to mention shading the last panel was also pretty intense for me.

Like, I don't try to hide anything from you, but honestly I am kinda struggling with getting these out on time. But yeah, I just wanted to apologize for being late again. In any case, I am glad that you read this series. Oh, btw. I have a Youtube channel where I stream games and stuff.

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6.10.2021, 2:36
Softspoken Ted
Shading on last panel? More like smearing vaseline. Why do you even bother posting this? It's not like anyone actually reads it. Nobody cares about the story or whatever's your endgame is here (well, I know what it is, but let's be honest, you won't succeed with it - I won't let you).