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Chapter: The Truth, Om nom nom

14.11.2022, 1:00

Om nom nom

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JAGIELSKI 14.11.2022, 1:00

Okay. My tablet pen (at least I hope it's just the pen, can't afford to replace the entire tablet) gave up midway through coloring. That's why the final panel doesn't have any shading. Unfortunately, that also means that the comic goes for an indefinite hiatus until I can replace the pen. And I just got back.

Now, I could draw with mouse, but it would mean a major downgrade in art quality. So I won't.

Also, I can't stress it enough, if you like my comic please support me on subscribestar (link at the top of the page). Your support will help me continue doing this and improving my art even further (it's already way better than it used to be).

JAGIELSKI 14.11.2022, 21:20
Update: I have ordered the new pen, should be few days until it's there (definitely won't make it for Wednesday comic, but should be able to get the friday one, maybe). I seriously hope it's just the pen that's dead, won't be able to afford to replace the entire tablet. If you have some bucks to spare and want me to continue this fun comic of adventure, now's the good time to pledge some money on my subscribestar - link on top of the page.

JAGIELSKI 16.11.2022, 20:06
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! It turned out this was just the pen, new one works splendidly. Finished up this comic (last panel didn't have shading on Birvoth, now it does) and the Friday comic will be on track (unless I don't manage time-wise).

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