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Chapter: Stop the noise!, A klutz.

15.9.2021, 23:16

A klutz.

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JAGIELSKI 15.9.2021, 23:16
Barely got it done before Thursday. Sorry! It was a weird week for me. Also I want to apologize for it being on the lazy side - I am usually not leaving empty spaces in my comics, but there's a... contrast between what I want and what I have to do. The Friday comic is not done yet! And since it will be on another levels, with the perspective I have never used before, I have to save my drawing power for that.

I wish my wants and needs regarding this comic would not contrast as much. I would love to do full color comics for example. But I can't raise my input levels of energy any more than I already am. And because of that, output is baseline.

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