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Chapter: Stop the noise!, Bad Will!

24.9.2021, 1:35

Bad Will!

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JAGIELSKI 24.9.2021, 1:47
Jake, I know you won't listen, but I don't think it's a good idea to go down there!

Also, sorry for a late comic. I had a busy day and then there was Nintendo Direct... speaking of which can you believe the balls they have to announce another tier of NSO when the one you get is already too much (hint: the pricing should be as it was on Wii U)?

Also no matter how much you like Chris Pratt, he is NOT Mario. Charles Martinet is Mario. I will NOT see it unless Martinet voices Mario.

Seems like Illumination could save millions on hiring Pratt and the other guy that is supposed to play Luigi and get the voice more commonly associated with the characters.

This is going to flop so hard that the live action SMB movie (you know which one, even if you don't want to remember it) will be a box office SUCCESS by comparison.

And it's not like Martinet is incapable of delivering full lines instead of "wa-ya-yahoo!" - just look what he's done for Wario for WarioWare Get it Together. Or Mario's Game Gallery for that matter.

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24.9.2021, 19:52
Cool comics!