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Chapter: Dragon City, Are you outta your minds???

10.1.2022, 1:00

Are you outta your minds???

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JAGIELSKI 10.1.2022, 1:00
Soo... I don't know when there will be another page, but there will be for sure. The comic will be now on a highly irregular schedule and when I will have time I will be drawing new content. But right now I can't promise any sort of regular schedule.

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26.1.2022, 11:36
Softspoken Ted
You just don't get it, do you? Fine, enjoy the destruction of your life.
13.2.2022, 16:55
Don't you have anything better to do?
20.6.2023, 0:03
Did you know? Electrical failure of an elevator will cause it to fall upwards, not downwards! An elevator's control circutry is also always outside the cab itself, usually in the "elevator house", sometimes also called the "bulkhead" or just "elevator room". Elevators use a counterweight that's heavier than the expected maximum load, they acually use energy to move downward, and let gravity pull them up! If the cable itself snaps, the entire shaft is outfitted with mechanical emergency breaks that engage if the elevator moves too quickly in any direction. This is all mechanical, and doesn't need any sensors in the cabin itself, or even power!

Of course, this doesn't matter for the story, but yaknow. Incase anyone was scared of elevators. They're quite safe.
21.6.2023, 0:27
Yeah, I know. But Jake doesn't and Will has only a passing knowledge of how elevators work. And Irioth wanted to kinda scare them so they won't try doing stuff that's ACTUALLY dangerous - lots of crazy devices down there as you will see. Not to mention the elevator in question wasn't really build by humans so may not have all that stuff you've mentioned.