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Chapter: The root of all evil, Pain, suffering and death

15.4.2022, 1:00

Pain, suffering and death

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JAGIELSKI 15.4.2022, 1:00
This comic isn't in any way inspired by recent world events. This plot point was decided on in 2021, way before things happened.

Also, don't expect such detail in future, not even in color comics. Just needed to make the art more impactful here, due to the severity of the subject matter. It also took me a better part of the day. Not to mention that I will be leaving soon (see the previous comic's comment for the details) and just wanted to do something nice for you guys.

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15.4.2022, 10:57
Softspoken Ted
You call that "detail?" Pfft. I call it vaseline smeared on the screen. You should be ashamed of yourself for continuing with this charade. What you are doing here, puts the entirety of the world at risk. If this continues, steps would have to be taken against you.