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Chapter: The Truth, Size

1.8.2022, 1:00


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JAGIELSKI 1.8.2022, 1:00

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2.8.2022, 12:01
Dude, your comic was reviewed on the Bad Webcomics Wiki.
2.8.2022, 17:48
The what?
2.8.2022, 21:24
Here's the link: http://badwebcomicswiki.shoutwiki.com/wiki/The_Secret_Report
3.8.2022, 22:57
Just read it. What a dork wrote it. But guess what? It doesn't matter. As long as people read this comic, for whatever reason, it's fucking peachy. If they hate it, I'm fine with it. If it ends up being made fun of on 4chan, kiwifarms and what have you, I'm completely fine. Mind you, the dude is absolutely fucking wrong about everything, but I really don't care (will address it in a future stream though). But the thing is, if people are talking about it, it's good. If it leads to people visiting this comic (and based on my stats, yes, yes it does), I am good. I don't care why people read it, as long as they read it. That subscribe star link on the top of the page? Even that is secondary. Beats the fucking obscurity, lol. I don't care if this becomes the most popular or the most reviled comic on the internet, as long as people read it. If it attracts fandom, it is good. If it attracts hatedom, I'm fine with that as well. Eventually it will attract people who will read it and recommend to their friends. Even the fucking Sonichu has fans (though how can you like that thing is beyond me).

But at least people will know about it. And that's all that matters to me.